How to Maximise Your Adsense Earnings This Christmas

How to Maximise Your Adsense Earnings This Christmas
How to Maximise Your Adsense Earnings This Christmas

It is that time of year again in which you should be pulling out all the best Adsense tricks and tips to maximise your earnings. If you own a blog or you run a YouTube channel, I will give you tips for both things that should help you earn the most from your content...

YouTube Tips

Not only is this a good time of year to stick in those mid-roll ads, but it is also a good time of year to pump out as much content as you can. Even if you just vlog you could still make a festive thoughts video or maybe a 'best moments' video, just about anything you can think about to get those clicks. I know some YouTube creators use the holiday season ad revenue to go all year so making sure all those ads are seen is the best way to earn the max. It is also worth looking back on older videos and making sure they are monetized and even removing some copyrighted content from videos to turn that red sign into a beautiful green one.

Blogs and Sites

You get a lot more options when it comes to blogs and sites using Adsense that is for sure. But much like the YouTube tips content amount will be key here. Make your best posts, make lists, reviews and even chuck in some Amazon links for a little bit more revenue. You don't have to do product reviews, just talk about the things you might want for Christmas and stick in some links.

While banner ads are nice it is the in-article and contextual ads that will earn the most and of course mobile ads as people are often out and about rather than at the desktop PC's or laptops. So a fast mobile theme is a good choice (a good mobile theme is good any time of the year, but it will help you earn more at Christmas). Also, don't be afraid to ramp up the number of ads users see, especially if you have been holding a lot back. Even if you stick the Ad balance on 100% for a few months it should help you earn a lot more.

While these are some pretty simple tips I am more than happy to take a look at peoples individual sites and channels to help them earn even more so don't be afraid to leave a comment in the comments box below.


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