I Have Bad News for You...there Are No Shortcuts With Adsense!

I Have Bad News for You...there Are No Shortcuts With Adsense!
I Have Bad News for You...there Are No Shortcuts With Adsense!

Look, I get it. You are disappointed with your current YouTube or blog earnings and need a little boost in both stats and earnings just to get you going. But I have bad news for you. There are no shortcuts with Adsense and for this post, I will tell you the real reason why you should be trying to take those short cuts in the first place...

YouTube Boosters

Thinking of using a 3'rd party to boost your video views? What is the worse that could happen eh? You get a small boost in views, maybe a few clicks and this might help your video get seen by a lot of people and give your channel that much-needed shove in the right direction. There was a time when this was common practice for smaller YouTube channels trying to get seen, but those days are long gone and using one of these services will often get you YouTube channel banned as well as your Adsense account! What's the worse that could happen? A small job on Fiverr ends your dream for the sake of just a few views. It's never worth it in the long run, even just a subscriber boost can get your channel banned. You can learn more about this in my post "Here Is Why Buying Views on Youtube Is Both Stupid and Pointless!"

Pageviews Boost

We have all seen them on websites and our social media feeds. Pay me X and I will deliver X viewers to your site or X amount of clicks on your ads. First up, it's not too hard for Adsense to see you have purchased "clicks" when you go from 2 or 3 clicks on ads a day to 50+. There is a big difference in stats from going viral to buying traffic. Just buying the smallest number of clicks on ads will often get you banned. But buying page views can be just as damaging for you. The main problem is not knowing who or why these people have visited your site. Many people have been hacked from these services and some have had their whole site deleted. Yes, it is aginst Wordpress policy to buy traffic to your site and while they are not as pro-active as Adsense they do ban people for using these services.

So the bad news is there are no short cuts when it comes to earning Adsense revenue and using any of these short cuts will often lead you down a path you don't want to go down. I get it, I personally know how hard it is to start a blog or website and gain traffic to it, but no-one said blogging is easy. Just make the best content you can and never give up. There are times when I wanted to, but now I blog from home full-time. I'm living proof it is possible to make a living from Adsense, you just need to make sure you take the long way which is the only safe way.


  1. I have 51000 plus viewers on my blog, i have share the site to views the video generated someone on youtube to maximize it ranking, but don,t have any idea to do, as i am new one on blog, 4 months older just, what i should to do with adsense approval issue, which i have faced several times but got rejected, guide me for right pathway to do please


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