Why Do Others Get Adsense Approval When I Don't in the Same Niche!?

Why Do Others Get Adsense Approval When I Don't in the Same Niche!
Why Do Others Get Adsense Approval When I Don't in the Same Niche!

I hear this a lot from various people, they all say they have made a new blog or site, filled it with original content and yet they still can't get Adsense approval! But yet they look at other sites in the same niche and wonder how they got approval! The truth is there is no single reason that covers all the different reasons why this might be happening, but I will talk about the main reasons here and hopefully answer most peoples queries...

Not Enough Content

This is the most common reason sites get rejected from Adsense because people are signing up to it far too early. While there are no clear guidelines on the amount of content a site needs you should be trying to aim for 30-50 posts filled with original content and all of them at least 500 words and maybe a few menu pages like a contact page and About page. Just step back from your site and ask yourself, does this site offer a good place for marketers to place their ads and get them seen?

Banned Content

From music files to movies and TV shows, people think they have to simply make a nice looking site, fill it with content and Bob's your uncle! Then they question why Google is telling them they can't get Adsense approval for their content and then they look at other sites that do have ads and get even angrier! There are two parts to this one that need to be answered...

The first is that you can't earn Adsense from content that is not yours. Be that copied content or content you don't own the copywrites for. There might have been a time long ago when this was the case, but those times are long gone. Even if you do own the content you probably won't get Adsense approval as Google has no way of knowing that you do indeed own it.

The 2nd part of this is Adsense blindness. Here is a news flash most people already knew, Adsense is NOT the only game in town! In fact, there are hundreds of Adsense alternatives out there and when you see ads on a site it could be from a number of ad-serving networks, not just Adsense. So you might see ads on illegal content apps and sites, but that doesn't mean they are Adsense. In fact, many of them are affiliate banners and not an ad-network at all! So don't be jelly just because someone else has ads on illegal content, just email them and ask them about it!

The Site is Too Young

This is another one that often trips people up and yet once again there are no clear guidelines on site age to gauge them on. As a general rule, you can't really get Adsense approval for the first month of a sites life. While I am sure others have got approval for sites much younger than this they are often larger sites that have been flipped or even moved to a new URL. If you want to get approval it is more about the quality and indeed the quantity of the content, not so much about how long it takes you to produce it.

I hope this has answered at least some peoples questions, but as always, if you need further help with hacking or any Adsense advice do let me know in the comments below.


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